Our Story

Yellowstone River Beef

"Superior Western Beef"

Our Mission

Yellowstone River Beef’s mission is to provide a higher quality beef for a better value.  We believe in honesty, integrity, and creating lasting relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service in the industry making sure that every single cut that leaves our USDA certified facility is truly Superior Western Beef.

About Us

We are a USDA certified meat processing plant located in Williston, North Dakota.  Yellowstone River Beef offers the finest quality beef sourced straight from North Dakota and Montana, USA.  We take great pride in the quality and consistency of our product. This allows us to create lasting partnerships with not only our local customers, but also our domestic and international customers.  We have built a team of highly qualified and passionate professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience in the meat processing industry. This allows us to offer a truly custom experience for our customers.  We have the ability to provide our buyers with anything from a single ribeye steak, all the way to a 40 foot container filled with certified beef cut to custom specifications.

Not only is our facility located in very close proximity to some of the finest and highest quality cattle that the country has to offer, but we also work very closely with our certified cattle ranchers to ensure the highest standards and most efficient, reliable supply chain processes in the industry.  Our certified ranch partners are proven cattle growers with years of experience in growing high quality U.S. beef.

We hold ourselves and our product to very high standards.  Our entire process is monitored by an on-site USDA inspector from the moment the cattle arrives to the moment it is packaged and labeled.  In addition, Yellowstone River Beef also holds a variety of optional certifications that ensures an even higher level of quality and food safety, including multiple Export Verifications to serve our customers abroad.  We don’t take shortcuts and believe that you should know exactly where your beef comes from. Our traceability programs ensure the highest quality standards all the way from calf to final cut. The proof is in the quality and taste!  We look forward to earning your business.